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Class XI Regular Course

One Year Regular Classroom Courses

The One Year Regular Classroom Course is specially designed for students who have passed class X and are moving to class XI . Special care has been taken in formulating the course ware for this program keeping in mind the vast syllabus of the Entrance Examinations and of School/Board Examinations.

The students of class X can opt for our One Year Integrated Classroom course for preparation of School/Board Exams and Olympiads/Scholarship Exams.

This course starts around mid-April every year. This one year is quite challenging for students. Coupled with periodic assessments and tricky tests, a student is enabled to face the tough Entrance Exams ahead.

This One Year Program speeds up the training process of a student. We aim to provide individual attention so that even average students are properly trained and become competent and confident enough to crack the difficult Entrance Exams.

This course gives a good head start to all these students who aspire for good %age in school exams. It  builds a very sound base for class XI school Exams.

The course is divided into two academic sessions:

Academic Session-1:
The syllabus of XI class is covered from the point of NCERT. Extra assignments are given. Regular tests are conducted on competitive pattern (objective type question). Entire course of class XI is completed by dec. 

Academic Session-2:
The syllabus of class XII is taught thoroughly for Board Exams. .

1: The study material in all subjects will be given to the students.

2: The result of each test shall be available online / sent through SMS to the parents.

3: After the completion of class XI syllabus, a special revision test series is conducted to further revise & strengthen

Course Highlights :

1.Exhaustive classroom coverage, expertly developed study material and a series of practice exercises with different types of questions to give the student a complete exposure of the concepts

2.Unit-wise tests of part-wise and combined syllabus

3.The practice exercises and Micro assignments are provided during the course and are thoroughly discussed in the class to identify shortcomings and solve them

Course Start Date Schedule Timings
Batch A1 1/7/2020 Weekdays 8am to 10am
Batch A2 19/7/2020 Weekend 3pm to 6pm
Batch B1 9/7/2020 Weekdays 10am to 12pm
Batch B1 12/7/2020 Weekend 3pm to 6pm
Batch A2  23/7/2020 Weekdays 7pm to 8.30pm
Batch B2.2   27/7/2020 Weekdays 8am to 10am


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